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I am not sure I believe that one. My husband almost NEVER shops yet all the coupons and booklets come to him the ones above were mailed to him not to me! I do I personally think that they send out coupons to new signups. My husband had to grab a new Kroger Plus card a few months ago as he just happened to be shopping without me one day.

Since then he has got a ton of coupons and booklets. Meanwhile I have received maybe one! I will be able to tell you for sure very soon as I am about to get a new card.

Check your mail: Kroger mailers out! + How to get a mailer - MyLitter - One Deal At A Time

It seems someone else is also tied to my card. I have noticed that sometimes my eCoupons do not come off. I get home and look online to find that the coupon was redeemed??!! There is no way on earth that I redeemed that coupon. They tried to say that it had to be me or someone in my family but we were all together…so they suggested I get another card.

Of course I always forget to grab one when I shop. Maybe writing this up will be the reminder I need Hopefully you guys also find some coupons in your mailbox. If anyone has the scoop or an opinion on how to get coupons- share it in the comments! I too received a stack of good free item coupons: eggs, baby carrots, poptarts, crest toothpaste and a whole bunch of money off coupons!

Happy day! Some of my friends have gotten free pies from the bakery, free produce items, free health and beauty items. But not me.


Oh well — I am not going to complain because I can always use eggs. To offer a possible reason for the problem… My husband had a Kroger Plus account a couple of years ago, before I started couponing. He always typed in his cell phone number instead of handing over the card… something about men and carrying as little stuff as possible.

I was just going to suggest this. Over the past fifteen years, we moved a bunch of times. I always get bagged lettuce and some other random item free. She started getting some freebies. Okay this may help. Make sure you are on their mailing list. Sign into your account at kroger. I did this a few months ago and have been getting pet books, party books and coupon booklets. I have never gotten anything ever from Kroger… I have to admit I do most of my shopping at Publix… but I have shopped at Kroger a little more over the holidays and the last couple of sales!

Check out my Couponing for Good articles. It started as a Service Project and has grown. It's all about using coupons to give back to kids in your community! I want YOU to get involved! Join me in Couponing for Good! Setting up a Couponing for Good collection basket. Couponing for Good Update: April Free coupons!

Check your mail: Kroger mailers out! + How to get a mailer

Use the links below to print FREE coupons! Check out these sites to learn more about frugal living and saving money in YOUR home! Your browser does not support this widget.

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Visit KidsMealDeals. I sometimes find it hard to believe how I shopped before I discovered coupons. Now though, my friends and family can expect me to whip out my trusty coupon organizer at a moments notice if a purchase is to be made! Some stores allow you to stack a Store Coupon with a Manufacturer Coupon, but some do not. Be sure to find out!

Only use the coupon at the store it is intended for.

How to Use Kroger ClickList and Still Coupon!

CVS Exclusive Printable Coupons are marked on the top of the sheet the coupon is printed on, but once you cut the coupon out, it is not clear it is just for CVS. Keep your store coupons organized in a way that makes it clear those coupons are only good at a particular store. It is easy to lose track if the coupon does not clearly state where it is valid. Cancel reply Leave a Comment. You thought you were here to save money, right?

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