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You should definitely figure out the critical pain points, interest areas of your audience and write good quality engaging content to attract them and then find a way to redirect them to your coupons to buy the stuff. Writing valuable content is excellent, but there is something more you can do to get the eyes of the best in the industry. But some do, here are some of the websites that are busy building their email list:.

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Once you have established a nice list of online shoppers, you can send them offers every day, every week and get instant traffic to your website and that too at no extra cost to you Other than email marketing service. There are many email marketing services that you can use, the popular one, to begin with, would be Aweber or MailChimp. This strategy alone would put you in the right perspective from the beginning and would save you countless hours of wasted SEO efforts. If you own a business and need marketing help, you might want to consider working with me. Your Name required. Your Email required.

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So, how to get a steady stream of targeted traffic? Google Adwords is the platform that can help you run ads in the Google search results. Definitely worth the efforts if done correctly. With RetailMeNot you get lots of money-saving coupons for popular stores. Use your location to check for nearby deals, or browse by store, category, or brand. Here are some quality websites dedicated to finding discounts and collecting coupons.

Read More. RetailMeNot offers a few little extras, such as cash back on purchases, gift card deals, and notifications so you never miss a sale. Another coupon app to check out is Shopular. This cool tool shows you deals from your favorite stores and lets you customize the offers you want to see. But you can also view all deals by store name or nearby mall. Like RetailMeNot, Shopular offers cash back on purchases and weekly ads for browsing.

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Coupons Buddy is currently only available for Android, but the app offers some excellent deals from other sources. In addition, the app has its own deals for you to peruse. View deals by categories like fashion, beauty, electronics, or travel.

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The app also gives you daily notifications, along with sections for Best Offers and More Deals. Download : Coupons Buddy for Android Free. Take each of these coupon apps for a spin to see which one you like best, or use them all to find the deal of the century. Shopping and saving really is easy with the right apps for your device. And for saving money on items you buy regularly, take a look at some great coupon apps for groceries The 7 Best Coupon Apps for Groceries The 7 Best Coupon Apps for Groceries Looking to save money with minimal effort?

Check out the best coupon apps for groceries with discounts on items you buy regularly. The Internet also opened a window for new coupon delivery via e-mail marketing, allowing brands to reach loyal customers who have opted in to this communication.

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The prospect of receiving discounts is clearly a powerful draw for engaging with brands in this manner, as GetData reports that deals and special offers are the second most common reason why people sign up for e-mail lists. These individuals also tend to have a higher potential for redeeming the advertised coupons. Multiple reports over the past few years claim that e-mail marketing converts consumers at a higher rate than either search or social, which is important to note for companies aiming to drive conversions and purchases over awareness and brand initiatives.

Brands should always be cognizant of the number of e-mails delivered to a customer. Instead of quantity, consumers crave quality messaging, with content and offers that are customized to their needs. Companies that achieve this goal through detailed list segmentation are bound to rise above the rest.

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As smart phones took off in the s, so did mobile coupons. Picking up the trend, many retail and fast food brands began creating their own mobile apps to connect with loyal consumers.

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In addition, third-party apps that aggregate coupons across the Internet from multiple brands sprung up as a way for discount seekers to easily locate the best deals. Ibotta, Checkout 51, SavingStar and RetailMeNot are just a few of the top players in the discounted and rebate apps space. These apps, in addition to first-party options, have steadily driven in-store shopper engagement over the past few years. This represented the most popular mobile activity for in-store shoppers, followed by the use of price comparison apps and pre-purchase social shares, both at 24 percent.

Beyond engagement once in a store, mobile coupons have also been an effective tactic to drive consumers into stores.

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Chipotle is just one example of a brand that utilized this approach to its fullest potential. About 5.

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Considering this 47 percent redemption rate, the brand saw the campaign as a clear success. While mobile couponing may successfully drive customers into stores, brands do need to ensure the redemption process is streamlined once shoppers arrive at any given store.

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For example, ensuring that all store locations have the ability to scan the mobile barcode is essential, since a physical copy is not collected at check out. Keeping that in mind, brands with franchised locations may have difficulty executing a mobile-only couponing campaign if point-of-sales systems differ from store to store.

In the early s these vouchers had to be redeemed through manual input at cash registers.

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