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So, roughly half of the history of House of Chess was spent as an offline business, and half of it has been online. They seem to exist somewhat in a vacuum. They may keep to themselves a bit, but it seems that House of Chess has had no trouble in attracting and maintaining loyal customers.

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The selection of products available on the House of Chess website is, quite simply, staggering. You can truly find something here to suit any taste. Looking at the chess set section alone, there are numerous different options to choose from. To help narrow down your search, you can select filters by type, like wooden or magnetic, by model, including Monarch and French Regence, or by theme, style, size, price, or wood type. The artisans who craft these chess boards and pieces have been honing their craft for years as the business has grown, and the results are all of the unfailingly high quality products in stock at House of Chess.

Throughout its many long years in business, House of Chess has maintained a relationship with one factory in the Amritsar region of India which produces the exclusive House of Chess line of chess sets and other chess equipment. This long standing relationship allows the business to finely tune the process over time to ensure that the most skilled artisans are hired and that policies within the factory are specifically crafted to ensure that the best and highest quality products are being made there.

Still, though it may not look like much, it has the necessary functionality where it counts. - Policies

The search and filter functions are robust to allow you to narrow down your many choices based on many different factors you may be interested in. Beyond just price and material, you can search by size, specific wood type, model, design, and more.

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In addition to the House of Chess website, this company also maintains another site dedicated to its line of custom crafted Cribbage boards. As a general rule, the bang for your buck that you can get at House of Chess is quite good. The reason that House of Chess is able to keep their prices so low is because they are selling merchandise directly from the manufacturer. There is no middleman or re-seller to get in the way of things and charge you a high markup for the privilege of doing business through him. Orders placed online will be filled by the factory in India, shipped to the warehouse in New York, and dispatched to you.

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For many orders, the product you want is likely already in stock at the New York warehouse to expedite the shipping process. If the item is not in stock there, it will be shipped to you directly from the factory in India as soon as it is finished. Shipping is available to almost any part of the world. In general, orders are dispatched within 2 business days of being placed on the House of Chess website.

Shipments to other countries may use a different carrier.

Shipments should generally be delivered to your address within 4 to 5 days of the shipment notification, though delays can sometimes occur, of course. Orders by phone cannot be accepted, so you must place your order online. The returned item must be in its original condition and with the original packaging. If you experience a delay during the shipping process, you may not have time to return your order, so be wary of that before you shop. Overall, House of Chess is a great place to shop for chess equipment where you can buy high quality chess sets directly from the manufacturer for a lower cost than buying through middlemen and resellers.

Discounts for special days, visitors from certain websites, and many groups - in fact to anyone that asked. It's a common marketing tool to collect information on where people come to your website from, and what kinds of groups respond best to your offerings. Data collection to help grow our business! Every page on our site had links to codes.

Facebook, Twitter and many, many online coupon sites carried our codes.

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Yet still, great customers just didn't notice and ordered at full price. This seemed very unfair and at the end of May , we stopped ALL promotions, codes and such.

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We reduced all our prices instead! So everyone gets the cheapest price regardless of who they are and where they come from!

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That seemed a lot better. And have you noticed how we are becoming conditioned to make snap purchases when there's a sale "today only" or prices marked down from some artificially-raised number? Raising the price, then offering a discount to lower it is just dishonest, and doesn't make the product worth any more, and often raises the sales tax due. Buying from the Cribbage Guy means that you won't see the same board cheaper next week!

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