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Always clean and prompt! I being friends with me all the time and hear how amazing the Dover De PF is! Thanks for everyone's hard work there and your professionalism. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. Samuelle the front desk worker rudely screamed and yelled at me while I was trying to cancel my membership. I did nothing wrong other than come in to cancel and he was in some mood and whatever it was something triggered him to loudly scream and threaten me! How dare he speak to me in this manner! My son and others witnessed this from him.

I will be suing him and your company for harassment!!! Do not join Planet Fitness. It is a complete rip off! When it was time to cancel hit with a huge cancellation fee. At no time did we agree to a year long commitment. Save your money. After my 12 month contract agreement expired, Planet Fitness tried to charge my bank account for monthly reoccurring fees and annual fee without my authorization. I contacted my bank and had a block placed on Planet Fitness from attempting this again.

I reached out to management numerous times and they have never called me back after 2 months of trying to resolve this issue. I filed a BBB complaint and they sent me a collection email the following day.

Is La Fitness The New Planet Fitness?

Do not join or get involved with Planet Fitness in any way. Additionally, members are nasty. They do not wipe down their machines after use. Management is aware of this fact yet staff will not address members who violate this health concern. I will admit, the gym is clean and they had what I needed. But the management is robotic, and each time I talked to them about issues that came up, the response was akin to "You're SOL, it's all in the contract".

For a gym that totes being for the people, I was really let down. Thanks for nothing. Tried to speak to a manager several times and left messages regarding a late fee that was charged to my account. Late fee because of an error that the gym made setting up the account. Never got a call back, was told that the manager would be there at a certain time, went to the facility.

And of course no manager was available. Was given his cellphone number, and still not response. Canceled my membership. They should be retrained on customer service!! I went to a grand opening in Lumberton NC decided to try out PF, was given the typical sales pitch decided to try it out. Well the one thing they forgot to tell you is when you sign up you're under a 12 month contract and even if you use membership within the 1st 72 hours you can cancel but you will be charged even though the contract says you have the right to cancel in 72 hours.

When I went physically to gym to cancel I then was informed that now they want to charge a You're kidding right? Managers only work M-F at this location seriously, and when a non trained employee contacted the manager I then was told mgr. Do not enter into any kind of membership with this company. I am moving to another state and have been give the worst runaround by this junk company. I am tried to cancel my membership for a full week only to have roadblock after roadblock. And instead doing the right thing and refunding money to a loyal customer of three years, they are keeping my money.

They are thieves and crooks, totally unwilling to help their customers.

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I was told by a worker that I reminded her of a family member and that she noticed the way I worked out. She advised me to not pay attention to anything someone else says. I responded that this is a judgement free zone right? Her response was that it's supposed to be but it's not. I said if that's the case it should be reported to management.

She told me that it is management that the comments are normally told to. I let the matter go, but today I experienced it for myself. Where one well liked customer had a derogatory remark about someone and made it to the the manager and another employee, and they all did nothing but laugh.

Planet Fitness fees

I know that this is human nature. I know no one is perfect. But their business motto is built on a lie, and if the company heads don't realize it someone should tell them. When diagnosed with cancer and having to undergo surgery and radiation treatment I contacted P. This was not done after speaking to 3 , yes, three individuals assured it would be and monthly fees were, of course, continually taken from my account. I was charged late fees in addition to the monthly fees. This could have all been avoided if they put the acct on hold as I was assured in the first place.

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I mean, who lies they have cancer! Time to take matters to a higher authority. Every location I have been to has been awful. The staff doesn't know what they are doing or what they are talking about. Management is unorganized. Corporate is absolutely no help when calling to complain. I was given false information from two stores FIVE different times. I was told I don't exist in their system but they continued to charge me monthly.

Planet Fitness fees

When I did cancel it, I filled out the information but they said they would have to get a manager to do it the next day. I called two days later after receiving no confirmation, only for the manager to tell me it was taken care of. When I called to complain at either place I was never given access to an owner and was told I could write a complaint letter but that the manager would most likely be the person to open it and not relay the information. Corporate's answer to everything was "You can speak with your home gym.

This place is a scam! Go somewhere else. Stay away from this place in my opinion. Planet is crazy if they think I'm going to pay for a service then be denied access to the facility. I signed up on May 17th and have been denied access ever since because there was a problem alleged with my payment method. There should never be a late fee with auto debit. So obviously there was no problem with my payment method as Planet claims. This is a scheme. What a great way to treat a new customer! I will do a charge back since I have been denied use of the facility's since I signed up even though Planet accepted my money and refuses to refund me, what a rip off.

I will be filing complaints with all consumer agencies I can find both State and Federal. I'm not going to allow Planet to charge me a ridiculous late fee every month on an auto debit. Corporate ripoff. If you have done any reviewing of Planet Fitness, hopefully it was evident that you need to physically go cancel your membership or send a certified letter to your "home location. But just case you think you are willing to do that and take that risk know this.

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They charge a yearly fee on your membership, on top of charging you monthly. Well if you don't cancel in time of that yearly fee, they will still charge you that yearly fee! Isn't that great! It's not. Just do yourself a favor and do not join this gym. This was the Planet Fitness at Pennsylvania Ave. SE Washington DC. I went for a tour and the representative asked me for A LOT of personal information such as to see my drivers license which he typed all of the my info into their system for a profile; also my email address, phone number and also to stand in front of a camera to for a photo and I would have also had to sign a waiver.

This is all before I could even take a tour of the facility. I asked why they needed all of this informations and I was told that they needed to know everyone in the building. This speaks volumes to me about how future experiences would be for me. I would rather pay more than double at another gym than to feel like going through TSA at the Airport.

Absolutely no leniency when it comes to cancelling a membership. My annual membership renews on the the 1st of June and I cancelled on May 28th. Apparently the club requires notification by the 25th of May to avoid being charged. The manager on site would not budge nor would she provide any contact to escalate the issue.

I will not re-join this franchise ever again and will encourage others to avoid it as well. I was assuming that that the 'start up fee' and 'annual membership fee' were the same thing. That was a totally wrong! Rotten trick they played on me.

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I was misled about how these fees work. I was tricked. You need a magnifying glass to read it! Very few people will have the patience or willingness to read through it. Here is the cancellation policy: "To cancel your monthly membership and stop the billing of the Monthly Membership Fee on or around the 17th of the month, the club must receive written notification delivered to the club by the 10th of the month either in person or preferably via certified mail to the club address listed above.

Please note it may take up to seven 7 business days for any membership or billing changes to take effect.

Planet Fitness Now Accepting Members

In order to cancel your membership prior to the billing of the Annual Membership Fee, the club requires written notice delivered as described above no later than the 25th of the month before such billing. The Annual Membership Fee is fully earned when received and is non-refundable". I'm still trying to figure out precisely what window of time I have to deliver this cancellation notification should I want to cancel. We are not liable for any fees charged by your financial institution in the event a payment request is returned as uncollectable.

PF does NOT allow you to pay for a year in advance. I'll bet the reason is to give PF the opportunity to hit you up with these late penalties. I'll bet a significant portion of their revenue is from this late fee collection scheme. I've been a member of other health clubs over the years and have never seen this type of policy before. I set these accounts up as insurance to prevent PF from continuing to take money from me if I ever cancel. I will have to be vigilant to watch the activity of these accounts to make sure they used to pay for what I agreed to pay for.

The Planet Fitness in Corsicana Texas needs to get with the program. They need a computer system to let you check in to do the massage beds and chairs. All they have are clipboards with sign in papers. Well myself and a friend signed up to both do the massage beds. We both wrote down a time pm. Well we were sitting on the couch waiting and never had our turn. I think they did it on purpose because I was mad and pitching a fit. I got charged on my mothers card and I never gave it. I cant stand being lied to. I cancelled my membership and was told I was good to go and they kept charging me to the point my IBC account was at a negative If they dont get me my money I just plan to sue them!!!!

Not worth the time. I never received a apology from them nor, "I understand. Let see what I can do. It should be during specific hours because let me tell you, most of them are VERY inconsiderate and stay 3 teens to a machine - talking, texting and not even working out. Not fair what-so-ever to long term paying members who care and want to workout. Canceling membership ASAP.

The air conditioning is never working. I complained in the survey. They canceled my membership. This is exactly what it needs to be — a high profile test with, in my opinion, a high probability of success. Landlords across the world are willing to write the right deals for traffic drivers. Malls in Asia and Africa have gyms, day care centers, libraries and schools as tenants. This partnership has limitations. Much of the routine traffic is in and out. So true about in-and-out but I think the evening crowd is more likely to stick around.

Time will tell if this is a successful partnership. The more you try, the better chance you will find the winning recipe. While the consumer demographics for both entities might be a match — bargain hunters and explorer Millennials — this deal feels more like a real estate solution with limited merchandising legs. Besides fitness clothing and equipment, how else will the tie-in work? And in apparel, does the fitness gear wearer want to wear a Planet Fitness branded outfit? Very interesting partnership. Unlikely brand partnerships and health and wellness are both very on trend!

Curious how they will merchandise it and what categories they choose to sell there. Would be great to see mostly fitness clothing and equipment shops inside these locations. Other essentials clothing items would work there, too. View Results. Skip to main content. Connect with:. Tina Zayas. I disagree. admin