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You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram. You can be assured that I am going to enjoy the hell out of this. Recently, I was talking to a nerd-friend about email, and he explained how he likes email but just wished it had a few additional features, like deferred mail. SaneBox is the solution to so many email problems. SaneBox is the email service that adds a pile of productivity features to your email, regardless of what email client you use. With SaneBox at your back, you can:.

Wake up every day to find the SaneBox robots have automatically sorted your incoming email for you so you can address the important and ignore the irrelevant. Defer email for hours, days, or weeks, so it is out of your life until a more appropriate time. Automatically save attachments to the cloud like Dropbox. Use their SaneForward service to automatically send appropriate emails to services like Evernote, Expensify, and Kayak.

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Move unwanted email to the SaneBlackHole and never see anything from that person again. The list goes on. For instance, you can have SaneBox send an auto-reply when you defer an email. Why not straighten out your email by getting a SaneBox account today? If you sign up with this link , you even get a discount on your subscription.

The response thus far has been pretty amazing for the Keyboard Maestro Field Guide. Thanks to everyone that purchased it. The introductory price ends this weekend. I was lucky enough to spend ten hours exploring Batuu over the last week. Let me tell you as someone who grew up loving Star Wars I was 8 when the first movie released , this is the real deal. The Disney Imagineers went to extreme efforts to make Batuu more immersive than anything Disney has ever made before.

When you visit Batuu, you are not in a subdivision of Disneyland. You are transported to the galaxy far, far away. The architecture, the droids, the little panels on the walls, the sounds, the Millennium Falcon, and all the little details completely suck you in. By the way, pulling back on the throttle to kick the Falcon into hyperspace is a life-altering experience. Of course I installed a rebel personality chip. That really is the only way to describe it. Batuu is so realistic that it becomes real. The sounds of the area are that of a spaceport. When you hear a ship rumble across the city, you instinctively look up, only to be convinced it is just out of your line of sight.

Best of all is the cast members, which in this case are citizens of Batuu. When one sweeper approached and saw trash on the ground, he asked me if it was mine. At one point I witnessed a rebel operative enlist a ish-year-old boy into the rebellion and had him posted as a lookout for stormtroopers as she was sabotaging land speeders.

It's real. It's so real that when you leave Batuu and find yourself back in Disneyland, it's jarring. Seems like a silly thing to disable in a 7 day trial. Honestly, some of these haters on here are so insane. Colin, how does that haterade taste? I try again next week. Great update… always happy to support quality macOS software craftspeople. And kudos to Gruber for news of the new version.

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Look at it this way. I also got a promo code for ExpanDrive. How does ExpanDrive compare to Transmit which I bought? I recently used Transit 1. Transmit 2 brought the app over to Mac OS X. Transmit 3 had some nice refinements. Transmit 4 updated the UI and added Transmit Disk. I was wondering what else could Panic add to Transmit, and they answered!

The Dropbox integration plus other services is awesome. For real! Bought it immediately and unseen from iOS as soon as I saw the announcement. Love the update. Game changer. Plus, all the UI updates are super nice as well. Thanks Panic team! I use transmit every day with Amazon S3. This is a great app!

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I love this new version. My remaining wishes.. File preview in Cover Flow. Search files in different folder directory. Panic, you are honestly an inspiration with the standards of your apps. Thank you for another amazing product, the addition of the numerous features make this a no brainer for all who already own Transmit 4.

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Makes me feel old. FYI, the iOS version has been a workhorse for me. I suspect I will buy this version and also not use it. The Panic Team is just that good. I am a big fan of Transmit. Have been using v4 for a long time. I have bought it today. But it cannot connect to half of my servers. But not being able to connect to my FTP servers with the same credentials like in those other FTP programs is a bummer.

I already wrote the support an email. I am a big fan of Transmit since 1.

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So I am not yet sure if I will update or stick with T4 which still does everything I need; hope this will be true on Sierra! Bought and installed. Very nice, thank you Panic! As a satisfied long time T4 user I would have bought it anyway — just the speed upgrade is worth the price already.

Well, as I was saying : , Transmit is part of my daily life, and I have purchased the last version without even see what was new! At a first look it looks great : Looking forward for a more cloud possibilities, such as Swift. I love Transmit, but I only use it maybe a half-dozen times a year. How Unison was treated is still hurting my feelings, even though I am not using newsgroups anymore. Using the trial version and like it a lot except for having no way to view my list of servers without the folders sidebar, icons, and server address.

In T4, I could see the full names of the servers without making the window larger or switching to single pane view, but in T5, the names are cut too short to be useful due to the large icon that is now there, the folder sidebar which can not be closed or made smaller, and the inability to enlarge the server name column or make the server address column smaller. If I make the Transmit window its smallest size, which used to be fine in T4, I can only see the first 1 or 2 letters of each server name. Would be great if there was some control or customization available for the remote server list.

Other than that, I love the new features and changes, but having no control over viewing that server list is turning out to be a bigger deal than I would have guessed because I connect to many different servers every day and currently need to adjust the window every time.

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Can you give us the possibility to change the size of the servers connection? Kind regards,. Other than that, a solid upgrade that is going to need some tweaking. I love the idea of the Mac App Store to have all my Apps in one place and can update all from there. Is the a style switcher? Thanks guys finally for the update — the UI and the faster FTP connections are the most impressive features :. Content seems to arbitrarily change…it turned from unhelpful into just downright confusing. I fail to see how this is necessary. Overall — great, but would be nice to get a more functional UI, as requested over the years…including a Save and Connect button to save SO MUCH time when adding a server — than saving, then finding it, then double clicking to connect.

Bought on day one. But my number one use for Transmit is uploading many files to a server. As mentioned in previous comments. For my workflow this feels like a step backward as now rather then drag and drop 30 files at once I feel I have to drag one at a time and monitor their completion rather then all at once. Hope the old method is re-implimented in an update.

Just got the new version and with all the new sever types added I was surprise nit to find one for Amazon Glacier? If I have to open Cyberduck to do half the job, I might as well use it for the entire job; it provides all the same cloud services, if I happen to need them. The new version looks great! Thanks for the great and always inexpensive software! Great update! I am so looking forward for it as I am using Coda 2 for all my coding works. My old Transmit 4 worked fine, except for two things: The newer authentication method for certain AWS regions and the inability to sync between two remote locations.

This has both been fixed in the new 5 update, so that alone makes it wel worth the upgrade. This does not always seem to work, even if I am sure that the server has a favicon. And why not make this default so that you do not have to change it on every server? Overall a solid upgrade but please consider adding in a permanent transfer progress status indicator instead of a popout window with needs to be called up every single time.

Transmit 4 had this nailed. Transmit is an app I always have open I use it that regularly, and despite only using old school s FTP connections the update has that shiny new Apple product feeling, is a lot snappier and works out of the online box with all my servers set up in T4. Am I the only person here who prefers buying outside of the App Store?

Thanks for all your hard work and keep it up! I am pretty satisfied with transmit 4 and not keen on buying 5 but i have just bought transmit 5 for supporting you and coda 3. I second what Nathan said at the start about the uploads being less useful in 5 compared to 4. There was more individual control there. I also experienced a few crashes during some transfer sessions, and that was pretty painful. Other than that, great stuff, everyone!

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Overall I think the choice of integrations seems interesting. Would also have been nice to see some of the more advanced S3 commands make it in like lifecycle management and CORS configs available in other tools like cyberduck. Do u have an update on the way to fix that? Please bring back the transfer queue. It was useful to prioritise or cancel certain files in a download batch. Find out more about how Coupons.

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